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8-Day Tour in Czech

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Day 1 Prague

Arrive at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Day 2 Prague

Sitting above the city is Prague castle; trek here for a beautiful view or to explore St. Vitus' Cathedral.

Prague castle

Day 3 Prague

In the Old Town, wander through the Jewish Quarter and visit the cemetery, which dates to the 15th century. Czech beer is justly famous; try a brew at an old fashioned pub.

Old Town Quarter 

Day 4 Kutna Hora

Visit the ossuary, or Kostnice, where the local monks used the bones from a cemetery to decorate or create everything from doors to chandeliers.

In town, see the Cathedral of St. Barbara, a 15th-century Gothic masterpiece.

Kutna Hora was a mint for much of Europe in the Middle Ages; visit the Italian Court to see coins were made and to buy replicas.

Cathedral of St. Barbara

Day 5 Cesky Krumlov

Krumlov's centerpiece is its scenic castle, complete with a pastel tower and moat.

Have a locally brewed Eggenberg beer and a locally caught trout, one of the landlocked country's few fish specialties.

View of Cesky Krumlov

Day 6 Cesky Krumlov

The work of the town's most famous resident, Expressionist artist Egon Schiele, is displayed in a small museum, together with other works of the period.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Day 7 Karlovy Vary

Take a bath at one of Karlovy Vary's famous natural mineral-water spas.

As you walk the colonnades, sip water from one of the healing springs or try a shot of Becherovka, the herbal liqueur made here. 

Mineral-water spa

Day 8 Karlovy Vary

Have an old-fashioned, white-tablecloth meal at Promenada. After lunch the lodge will transfer you to the airport for your onward flight home. Your return flight will arrive the same day.

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